Bracelet Date Recipient Social Contacts Location Map Story
UPW…Y3M(2) 10/16/18 laurenn
Macomb, MI whenever my friends need to talk to someone or need help with something I am always there for them.
KYA…F6S(3) 03/28/18 jesicajMacomb, MI
BEF…C3J(4) 03/22/18 TurtlechukittySaint Clair Shores, MI I've always been by her side as a friend.
AP5…A1K(1) 11/30/17 Natalie_Haase1310Charter Township of Clinton, MI My Friend Carson wanted to play a game and he didn’t have his School iPad and so I let him play his favorite game on mine.
2JN…B8N(2) 11/18/17 Jadonis_proWarren, MI My freind Korin gave me this bracelet during gym class
7AB…QMB(4) 11/17/17 Frankiepal910Charter Township of Clinton, MI My friend was going through some drama and a hard time at school and I helped her out and made her feel better so she gave me the made bracelet
PEY…SXW(2) 11/17/17 Nolan.Pieprzyk22Fraser, MI
TAH…3PD(1) 11/16/17 BreannaFraser, MI
6GU…3YE(2) 11/15/17 blazerblock202Fraser, MI my friend gave it to me i was helping her
KKA…9JT(3) 11/15/17 Kai.lor22Fraser, MI I had sang happy birthday to a special needs kid so he gave a bracelet.
192…AL2(1) 11/15/17 Emma13Charter Township of Clinton, MI
KKA…9JT(3) 11/10/17 icecream5Fraser, MI My best friend Brendan gave it to me for my birthday.
ZVA…5H6(1) 11/10/17 Taylir101Fraser, MI I helped my friend out that didn’t have their homework and I showed them what we did to get the answer because she was confused.
YKI…J3S(1) 09/22/17 alexcoteMacomb, MI from my teacher! :)
LEC…G1L(1) 03/03/17 ashleyjaworski424
Roseville, MI I was a good friend by helping one of my friends through a hard time.
A2L…W1R(3) 02/24/17 lotwa will IPinckney, MI
EEN…N7V(3) 02/23/17 S07Pinckney, MI I tried to make my friend Allie feel better when I saw she looked sad and she said I did.
AL8…3WG(4) 02/22/17 Damon123Warren, MI Me and my friend Chris were in class and I grabbed him a book so we could donare assignment.
JAH…E1R(2) 02/14/17 LucasPinckney, MI
SVV…G4K(4) 01/17/17 lotwa will IPinckney, MI
CNN…L1G(4) 01/04/17 crazypanda248Pinckney, MI Helped another friend find his bracelet when he lost it.
ZP2…S4Y(3) 12/21/16 ajohnsonPinckney, MI my friend gave it to me on the day before christmas break because i was a good friend.
CNN…L1G(4) 12/07/16 Drew06Howell, MI My friend Michael had some heavy bags, so I helped him carry one.
MHH…K3C(3) 10/09/16 BekahSterling Heights, MI
VCV…R7G(3) 09/30/16 EdroskiMacomb, MI
VCV…R7G(3) 09/30/16 EdroskiMacomb, MI
2EQ…T2R(4) 04/17/16 Lindsey.grammatico21Fraser, MI Someone wanted a partner and nobody would go with him, so I stepped up and said I would be his partner.
PLD…N8Z(1) 04/11/16 sbpallar@icloud.comMadison Heights, MI I was a friend to jordan wickham.
D2Z…A7X(2) 02/21/16 Carterac3Allendale, MI
KDP…S6J(3) 10/14/15 SashaWindfieldRoseville, MI