Bracelet Date Recipient Social Contacts Location Map Story
7AB…QMB(4) 11/21/17 Ryann.hash23Fraser, MI I helped my friend reach a goal
ZWG…D3W(2) 04/02/17 ashley08loveHartland, MI One of Ashley's friends wasn't doing very well in math,so Ashley promised to help her sometime.They decided on a date and were all ready to start.The night she was going to help, Ashley had super big plans that she forgot about.She decided to instead help her friend instead of going.
ERL…Q3N(4) 03/26/17 LarrySanibel, FL Helped someone reach a goal
ZVF…Q8I(5) 03/01/17 CaseysikonRoseville, MI Im math people were struggling so I helped them reach level 4 on our scale
YJK…S52(3) 03/03/16 JJonesRoseville, MI
YJK…S52(3) 03/02/16 MJonesRoseville, MI
YJK…S52(3) 02/22/16 KThomasRoseville, MI
SEY…Z3L(2) 01/24/16 Bob SmithRoseville, MI
JFC…J3L(1) 11/06/15 jcfreyreFarmington, MI