Bracelet Date Recipient Social Contacts Reason
RIV…B7D(1) 03/09/18 Richards Middle School FraserStarted bracelet
A1A…2NY(1) 03/09/18 Richards Middle School FraserStarted bracelet
AY1…AU8(1) 03/09/18 Richards Middle School FraserStarted bracelet
XSQ…FH2(1) 01/26/18 Chrisamicucci
Started bracelet
Sharing my career expertise to a group of 8th graders for career day!
PVQ…Y7Y(1) 01/14/18 monicaorlandoChallenged to make a difference
Given to me by my building principal. We are initiating a school-wide kindness challenge and the bracelets inspire acts of kindness.
WUN…656(1) 12/07/17 NylamuskovinStarted bracelet
I am in my schools National Junior Honor Society and we were asked to pass these out to people who were being kind and helping others. I am the first person with this bracelet. I am 13-years-old.
QNH…KQQ(2) 12/01/17 DeeganWinkelmanHelped someone in need
I helped a friend in my middle school with a social studies assignment.
QNH…KQQ(2) 12/01/17 Christian678Helped someone in need
I helped someone in math
F66…42P(1) 11/24/17 Taylir101Started bracelet
7AB…QMB(4) 11/21/17 Ryann.hash23Helped someone reach a goal
I helped my friend reach a goal
7AB…QMB(4) 11/21/17 OwenGervasoneHelped someone in need
I helped them with work
PLB…PWL(1) 11/20/17 Caitlin.mulkey22Started bracelet
FDN…E1C(1) 11/17/17 Kelsey564
Helped someone in need
I opened a door for the teacher
PEY…SXW(2) 11/17/17 Nolan.Pieprzyk22Being a great friend
4NA…TL3(2) 11/17/17 Nolan.Pieprzyk22Started bracelet
TAH…3PD(1) 11/16/17 BreannaBeing a great friend
RWN…DAP(3) 11/16/17 ThatoneguynooneknowsStarted bracelet
DC1…4XZ(2) 11/16/17 Valerie.dunkle22
Complimented someone
LHN…BJN(2) 11/16/17 Madison.hissong22Complimented someone
RWN…DAP(3) 11/16/17 Bradleyfilip_Did the right thing
I told a worker at my school about my friend getting punched multiple time
KTV…Y6B(1) 11/16/17 lori.wetzelStarted bracelet
My building principal gave all teachers a MADE bracelet to get the experiment started in our building.
EEC…NR6(1) 11/16/17 Michelle.yang12345Started bracelet
Since I’m in web which is a school activity I was given this to start this bracelet.
1J6…LHT(1) 11/16/17 Emma.barnes22Started bracelet
I am a WEB leader at Richards Middle School and they wanted us all to start a bracelet. So when I got mine I almost immediately registered for it. I can’t wait to pass it on to the next person.
L65…U12(1) 11/16/17 ArushfordHelped someone in need
bought it to start
KDC…INI(1) 11/15/17 Vicente.saucedo22Challenged to make a difference
C2W…2AA(1) 11/15/17 Green069Started bracelet
I got it at conferences
PEY…SXW(2) 11/15/17 Sebastian.Emery22Started bracelet
6GU…3YE(2) 11/15/17 blazerblock202Being a great friend
my friend gave it to me i was helping her
ATF…H2F(1) 11/15/17 KskladStarted bracelet
As a staff, we have committed to our November theme of being Kind. At Richards Middle School, we are the Knights and we are spreading our good deeds with the #kindnessinthecastle. I am excited to see where this bracelet travels.
JXB…Y5P(1) 11/15/17 saraholcombStarted bracelet
I got mine for spreading kindness as a teacher at Richards Middle School
QDG…G3Y(2) 11/15/17 mallory huntGave my time to help others
KKA…9JT(3) 11/15/17 Kai.lor22Being a great friend
I had sang happy birthday to a special needs kid so he gave a bracelet.
I2H…5K9(1) 11/15/17 Taylir101Started bracelet
2KA…5H6(1) 11/15/17 Sejla.halilovic22Started bracelet
65Y…2BZ(1) 11/15/17 haileyslanecStarted bracelet
KKN…MJZ(2) 11/14/17 Jordan.simcox22Started bracelet
BF3…1WL(2) 11/14/17 Mia.sape22Challenged to make a difference
Me Julian gave me it
BF3…1WL(2) 11/14/17 Mia.sape22Challenged to make a difference
Me Julian gave me it
LHN…BJN(2) 11/14/17 Valerie.dunkle22
Started bracelet
Mr.Julian gave our web leaders a braclet for being leaders in our school
NIH…PFC(2) 11/14/17 Raina.studier22Helped someone in need
My friend dropped some of her papers out of her binder, I turned around and decided to stay behind and help her pick things up. We did miss the bell, but I at least got to help someone in need, and that was something worth missing the bell for.
ZMA…F3G(1) 11/13/17 MaryYacoubStarted bracelet
W7W…RNN(1) 11/11/17 anastasiatorresGave my time to help others
I went to a meeting to better our school
WYX…6B1(1) 11/10/17 Taylir101Made a difference in my own life
KKA…9JT(3) 11/10/17 icecream5Being a great friend
My best friend Brendan gave it to me for my birthday.
6GU…3YE(2) 11/10/17 Hailey.a.Gave my time to help others
I met with the principal to discuss the well being of the school this month.
5AT…TRY(1) 11/10/17 GryfindorStarted bracelet
XDT…D4L(1) 11/10/17 Mrs.Purdy
Started bracelet
Supporting the school kindness initiative at Richards Middle School by recognizing those who spread #KindnessInTheCastle
ZVA…5H6(1) 11/10/17 Taylir101Being a great friend
I helped my friend out that didn’t have their homework and I showed them what we did to get the answer because she was confused.
3GR…KKG(2) 11/09/17 ian kDid the right thing
I was given this bracelet from a teacher from my school today because today in gym class I let a boy who has some special needs score a goal on me in our game .He was so happy with himself and it made his day. I will pass it on to someone who does something nice or helpful to another person
BNU…P3A(2) 11/09/17 Ryder.CorbettHelped someone in need
I helped a fellow student with difficult homework.
NIH…PFC(2) 11/09/17 kristina.wiegandGave my time to help others
I volunteered my time for the Canned Food Drive.
KKA…9JT(3) 11/09/17 Corey.harris22Gave my time to help others
XK1…6MT(2) 11/09/17 Corey.harris22Gave my time to help others
I helped my friend Dekovan because my teacher didn’t know how to help him.
GZI…B2G(1) 11/07/17 janine.varghese@fraserk12.orgStarted bracelet
VFM…4P8(1) 11/07/17 tmaiorStarted bracelet
School kindness initiative at Richards Middle School.
AZZ…2KG(1) 11/07/17 bjbonkStarted bracelet
School kindness initiative.
RWN…DAP(3) 11/07/17 lbouthilletHelped someone in need
2JN…B8N(2) 11/06/17 ebronzovichStarted bracelet
6A1…6NN(1) 11/06/17 Melaniemcafee22Helped someone in need
I thought it would be nice to help others and make there day
XK1…6MT(2) 11/06/17 pczartoryskiStarted bracelet
Our principal, Mr. Julian, brought this idea to our staff to recognize acts of kindness. I can't wait to see why and where my bracelet goes where it goes.
BPF…CKD(1) 11/06/17 Samantha.rhyshek22Started bracelet
My story is I want to make a difference
LMR…S1C(2) 11/06/17 SMStephensStarted bracelet
2MJ…C6V(1) 11/06/17 SMStephensStarted bracelet
3GR…KKG(2) 11/03/17 LshadikChallenged to make a difference
Received bracelet for an inspirational quote about kindness written on white board in cafeteria
WRH…W9A(1) 11/03/17 mrmaggettiStarted bracelet
DWR…L5C(1) 11/02/17 Lauren.lambStarted bracelet
2BH…X42(1) 11/01/17 brooklyn.bushStarted bracelet
In student council we are starting the made braclets so my principal passed them to everyone to pass around. Our school is doing a kindness in the castle theme for this month so we are starting the made braclets
AIE…H5T(1) 11/01/17 Mariahedwards
Challenged to make a difference
Mr.julian Gave me one
FIY…N2P(1) 11/01/17 Abby.rushford23
Started bracelet
I got my bracletet from mr. Julian For the kindness in the castle
NFR…X3G(1) 11/01/17 Jacoblee506
Made others better
My principal Mr Julian gave this to me for November’s theme of Honor The Castle
IHL…N3V(1) 11/01/17 Evan.dillon22Helped someone in need
Got for student council
INX…T8X(1) 11/01/17 MaekenzeeGave my time to help others
QT2…K9D(1) 11/01/17 Hbrannon5
Started bracelet
My principal gave them to the student council in hopes for us to spread the bracelet
FWZ…H1I(1) 11/01/17 Nolan.Pieprzyk22Served as a role model
KPI…M8T(1) 11/01/17 Thomson171Started bracelet
Mr. Julian gave it to me.
QJR…V1N(1) 11/01/17 Mia.sape22Started bracelet
Mr. Julian gave us this bracelet to make a difference.
UET…S7P(1) 11/01/17 Art4life_26
Started bracelet
BNU…P3A(2) 11/01/17 Taylor.frazier23Started bracelet
Mr.Julian gave me this braclet to spread kindness around the school.
DUJ…E4T(1) 11/01/17 Cmartin7Started bracelet
CMX…T1Z(1) 11/01/17 joshua.crook22Mentored someone
I showed leadership by being a StuCo member
FQW…P3G(1) 11/01/17 FQW12P3GStarted bracelet
CTP…N1W(1) 11/01/17 mya_trash_Started bracelet
UKL…W3Z(1) 11/01/17 averysServed as a role model
I’m in student counci
VNS…E3A(1) 11/01/17 happyhappysofiaBeing a great teammate
I received my bracket by my principal Mr. Julian
RHN…I8R(1) 11/01/17 emily.centner22Started bracelet
UJS…A3B(1) 11/01/17 Valerie.dunkle22
Started bracelet
HIC…K5Y(1) 11/01/17 LeoMeatteStarted bracelet
I got this bracket to start a chain of kindness
DQK…R8C(1) 11/01/17 livinatorStarted bracelet
I am starting this.
DYP…L3T(1) 11/01/17 Isabella.julian23Challenged to make a difference
Mr.Jullan challenged me to make a difference.
QDA…W4F(1) 11/01/17 Emily.plouff22Gave my time to help others
Got it at Richards middle school student council
T2A…29K(2) 11/01/17 Olivia.agnew22Started bracelet
My principle wanted to start this and I think this is a good idea.
JBC…T9X(1) 11/01/17 AikoAdachiChanStarted bracelet
My principal gave the student council these bracelets to start giving out. I am really excited to start one! Honor the Castle!
2XQ…S3V(3) 06/01/16 Cassidy.victor21Gave my time to help others
I received my bracelet by helping my teachers with things and helping other students. I also did what I needed to do with getting work done and using my time wisely. I get my tasks done like I'm supposed to.
LNX…N3T(3) 05/31/16 Shellby.james20Helped someone in need
Everyday I help this girl named in Elyse in computer lit
HAR…F8A(3) 05/13/16 Hailey.giurlanda20Helped someone in need
I helped my teacher with errands she needed help with
2LQ…Z6F(2) 05/12/16 Eden.emanuel21Handled a difficult situation well
He was having a bad day and so I cheered him up
WBI…V1V(3) 05/03/16 Abigail.wallace21Served as a role model
I say good morning to my teachers and my silent reading teacher gave it to me.
XGJ…W3Y(1) 05/03/16 bamf9582bamfStarted bracelet
I ran into the owner of Made Tracker, Jeff, in downtown Detroit. We went to high school together and I asked about Made Tracker and he gave me a bracelet. Thanks Jeff
2EQ…T2R(4) 04/26/16 Kendra.kruszewski20Gave my time to help others
2EQ…T2R(4) 04/17/16 Lindsey.grammatico21Being a great friend
Someone wanted a partner and nobody would go with him, so I stepped up and said I would be his partner.
IKA…Y9F(4) 03/31/16 Emily.hoskey21Helped someone in need
I saved a dog from getting it run over, and gave it to someone who promised to take care of it.
IKA…Y9F(4) 03/31/16 Emily.hoskey20Helped someone in need
I saved a dog from being runner over and we gave it to someone but we got their phone number so if we see a flyer about the dog we can call them and tell them.
ZXL…Y8U(2) 02/17/16 MaryYacoubBeing a great co-worker
NR2…C1S(3) 02/17/16 ashley.lasureBeing a great co-worker
CYF…I2L(2) 02/17/16 Mr. EskuriBeing a great co-worker
IKA…Y9F(4) 02/17/16 HeidiiBeing a great co-worker
HAR…F8A(3) 02/17/16 cgariepyHelped someone in need
2EQ…T2R(4) 02/17/16 MrsHaganBeing a great co-worker
LNX…N3T(3) 02/17/16 nicole.craneBeing a great co-worker
NR2…C1S(3) 02/17/16 ashley.lasureBeing a great co-worker
UTS…M3E(2) 02/17/16 mwhiteleyHelped someone in need
2XQ…S3V(3) 02/17/16 MissDeCumenHelped someone in need
NR2…C1S(3) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
2EQ…T2R(4) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
DVX…U32(1) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
2XQ…S3V(3) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
IKA…Y9F(4) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
HAR…F8A(3) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
UTS…M3E(2) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
PDV…H7T(2) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
WBI…V1V(3) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
PDV…H7T(2) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
LNX…N3T(3) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
ZXL…Y8U(2) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
AKG…I5S(1) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
CYF…I2L(2) 02/12/16 RMS-PBISStarted bracelet
UST…CVI(2) 12/28/15 EnzaTGGave my time to help others
2LN…4A1(2) 12/25/15 MurphyloveBeing a great family member
GDV…GEM(4) 11/03/15 AustinDHelped someone in need
2IQ…L32(2) 10/14/15 bryancosciaStarted bracelet
GDV…GEM(4) 10/13/15 AustinDHelped someone in need
GDV…GEM(4) 10/13/15 AustinDHelped someone in need
GDV…GEM(4) 10/09/15 AustinDDid the right thing
C5N…ZT2(2) 09/29/15 BgloweHelped someone in need
L1X…AVQ(4) 09/24/15 JulesHelped someone in need
C5N…ZT2(2) 08/21/15 BmgloweHelped someone in need
GFP…C7F(2) 08/12/15 Karyw1023Helped someone in need
9D7…TJY(1) 08/10/15 AallisonGave my time to help others
DSC…TQ6(3) 07/24/15 Brannon4Helped someone in need
N6W…TRN(1) 06/20/15 MADEDid the right thing
DSC…TQ6(3) 06/19/15 msbeth123Handled a difficult situation well
DSC…TQ6(3) 06/03/15 JulesHelped someone in need
PY5…H12(3) 06/01/15 NickHelped someone in need
7E8…ZJ3(1) 05/22/15 VerkeynHelped someone in need
M2Z…4GZ(2) 05/21/15 jayson5Gave my time to help others
LRX…CF7(2) 05/21/15 beccaovermanGave my time to help others
M2Z…4GZ(2) 05/21/15 BgloweHelped someone in need
6ZX…NPX(3) 05/21/15 DavidHelped someone in need
LJN…ZQ2(2) 05/13/15 MADEDid the right thing
I3T…DQZ(2) 05/13/15 MADEHandled a difficult situation well