Bracelet Date Recipient Social Contacts Reason
LUZ…S6L(1) 12/11/19 tonygiall
Did the right thing
I found it but it reminds me to think of others, be selfless, and do the right thing no matter how hard!
LMR…S1C(2) 11/08/17 Jade gantzHelped someone in need
I helped a special needs boy down to where he needed to go.
CJE…E8K(1) 09/22/17 Marisa1105
Twitter:Marisa Cangemi
Started bracelet
YZM…G3Q(1) 05/16/16 lj1427Gave my time to help others
I took a group of marketing students from Roseville High School on tour downtown Detroit, and our work facilities around Detroit. I received the bracelet along with a wonderful thank you letter from the class.
PHZ…K3A(1) 05/11/16 wgcarverGave my time to help others
Volunteered as a tour guide for the folks at Roseville High School in Michigan who were checkout out downtown Detroit.